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Located at the foothills of the Himalayas near Darjeeling, our gardens are aptly positioned to facilitate the growth of one of the finest tea in the world.

We started to exist; we grew and placed ourselves in the world of beverage that has marketed the glory of flavor to the mankind. We started as growers and we are growers. We grow a lifestyle that’s always drenched in the aroma of Camelia Sinensis (Tea).

New Chumta was founded in 1866 and since then New Chumta has been a revolutioniser in quality tea production and supply throughout India and abroad.



Truly Great Tea

Stimulating and delighting the senses since 1866, New Chumta Tea Estate has always remained the number one choice of Tea Lovers across the world since its inception.

We promise you a divine flavor and the goodness of our Golden Beverage from the hand-plucked tea from the oldest Tea Garden in Terai.

We are are the manufacturers of Black CTC Tea based in the Siliguri delivering our best products to the world through different Tea Auction Houses and private buyers.

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New Chumta Tea Estate began operations more than 150 years ago.

Founded in the year 1866, The New Chumta Tea State is the pioneer of tea plantation in Terai region, where the first bushes of the region was planted .

Why Us?

New Chumta believes in quality and it has sustained the market for over 150 years only because of its consistent quality.

Single Origin
Unblended Tea


Experience the amazing flavor and the goodness of the golden beverage from the hand-plucked tea from the oldest tea garden in Terai.

New Chumta  Tea is single origin, unblended and 100% pure tea which gives you a strong recognizable taste so you can savour the pure goodness of tea. It is known for its excellent quality and irresistible divine flavor. The tender leaves and golden buds are procured from the lush of tea gardens that are handpicked with utmost care and packed on the same day deploying a delicate process.

Savor the goodness of unblended tea that is grown at the naturally blessed climatic conditions at the foothills of Darjeeling.

Delight your senses with the flavor so divine and pure, that is naturally grown, plucked, processed, and packed at its own habitat.

New Chumta Tea- the flavor that lived beyond the centuries!

Why Quality


Among the mass of market tea available, New Chumta stands the best in terms of Quality and flavour. 

It is very important for us to ensure the best of quality to our customers. The leaves are sent through machines for cuts, tear, and curled to the packets or teabags. 

The quality high tea looks smooth with one distinct aroma. 

Leaves, specially of green tea, should be able to be reused to brew another cup after the first brew. This is possible only of the best quality of tea is delivered in the box. 

We have traversed centuries and have stuck ourselves on the belief of "Quality over everything" and it is necessary we live by it.

Try it to experience magic

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